Knobworld was designed by electronic musician and composer Dr. Patrick Gleeson, who was owner and designer of the legendary Different Fur studio in San Francisco. The building dates from the mid 20’s. It is located on the old Pacific Electric line and was originally a general store. In intervening years it has seen use as a costume shop and as a sculpture studio where statuary from the Los Angeles Public Library was restored after that structure was damaged by fire in 2000.

The main recording room is roughly 30 feet by 40 feet. There are 2 amp closets available for tracking. Large, movable windowed gobos are available for additional isolation for drums or a vocalist.

Knobworld features an API 1608 mixing desk, which offers 16 channels of API mic pre with a variety of EQ choices- API 550b and 560, Purple Odd EQ and vintage Aphex and B and B. The console is 8 bus and allows the return of 24 channels for fat mixing or summing. Outboard equipment includes a variety of vintage and current mic pres and signal processing.

A second smaller room — the “White Room” — is set up as a writing/overdub space with ProTools, modular synth workstation, Wurlitzer 200a and UA Apollo monitoring and plug-ins. A spacious upstairs lounge and kitchen area connects to an outside deck with views of the San Gabriel Mountains.

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Knobworld Rate Sheet

Studio, hourly $80
Studio with engineer, hourly $110
Studio lockout, 8 hr daily $550
Studio lockout w/engineer, daily $700
Studio lockout, weekly $3000
Rhythm set-up, flat rate $150
Digital editing @ hourly rates
Rehearsal block (when available) $200  

Contact us.
ProTools 12 with 24 Antelope i/o, UAD OCTO system, microphones by AKG, Bock, Coles, Mojave, Neumann, Royer, Schoeps, Shure, Wunder etc, API Console, API, Urei, John Hardy, PreSonus, Telefunken mic pres, Hammond B3, Yamaha C7 with Disklavier Pro, Wurlitzer 200a, Rhodes Stage 73, Vintage keys and synths, Eurorack Modular system and more. 1967 Moog Model 15 available for rent.

For a complete list of included equipment and mics, please see the corresponding tabs on this page.

Location, Contact
Knobworld is located at 2280 Allesandro Street in Echo Park. The cross street is Whitmore Avenue.
Studio Line: 323-660-4313

We back up our drives every night. So there are two copies of your session at Knobworld while you are recording there. That said, you are solely responsible for managing your session data. Please please please bring a drive we can back up to as well, and keep backups of your work. Data disasters happen — it is just a question of when.

Full days with engineer are usually eight hours. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, so we won’t turn the lights off after that, but have mercy.  

Sessions at the hourly rate will be billed in ½ hour increments. Setup time before your session starts is billed at the hourly rate, except full rhythm setup, which is a flat $150 charge.  

We don’t require a deposit, but payment at the end of the session is expected unless previous arrangements are made. We accept checks, and can also take credit card and cash payments via PayPal and Venmo.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations within 48 hours of your session start require 50% payment of the original booking. Cancellations less than 24 hours before the session require payment in full. We’ll make every effort to rebook the session on a different day at no charge, but in the event we cannot reschedule, you will be responsible for the cancellation.  

Parking on Whitmore Avenue near the studio is usually readily available. Please observe the neighbors’ signage on their gates and fences, though, and don’t park in front of anything that looks like a driveway. If they are having a bad day, they’ll call a tow truck. When in doubt ask us! Also beware of the red curb directly to the left of our gate. There is a storm drain there that will eat tires.


Knobworld Equipment

Main Studio Equipment: API 1608 Mixing Desk

ProTools HDX /192/Antelope orion I/O 32ch

Mac 2 Logic Audio / UA Apollo 8

Neuman, AKG, Schoeps, Mojave, Soundelux, Wunder, Shure, Royer, Coles, Crown, Cascade Microphones

Genelec 1032a 5.1 Surround Monitors Pelonis, Mackie, and Yamaha NS10 Nearfield Monitors

John Hardy, TAB funkenwerk, API, TL Audio, Avalon, PreSonus Mic Pres Dramastic, Dbx, Aphex, Dynamite Compressors and Limiters TC, Lexicon Reverbs and FX

Software: ProTools 12, Logic Pro X, Propellerheads Reason4, Record, Rebirth, Recycle, Peak, Ableton Live, Digital Performer 8, Auto-Tune, Serato Pitch and Time, Melodyne. Native Instruments Komplete 11, EastWest QL Symphonic, Hollywood Strings

Yamaha C7 Piano with Disclavier PRO Fender Rhodes Stage 73, 2 Wurlitzer electric pianos, Hammond B3 with 147 Leslie 1974 Rogers drum kit 22/11/12/18, Slingerland, Ludwig, Yamaha snares, Zildjian, Bosporus, etc Fender Pro Junior pair, Vintage silvertone and guild guitar amps, B15 and Acoustic Bass amps

Unusual stringed and Percussion instruments and toys.

Moog Voyager, Roland Super Jupiter, D550, Yamaha TX-802, Nord Stage, M1r Synthesizers. Eurorack modular system with modules by MakeNoise, Doepfer, Blue Lantern, Erica, Moog and more.


Knobworld Microphone List A to Z

• Audix APS 910 x3
• AKG 414
• AKG 451eb pair with cardioid and omni capsules
• AKG d112
• Cascade Fatheads with Lundahl transformers Blumlein pair
• Coles 4038
• Crown PCC 160 pair
• Mojave MA 300 Tube LDC Pair
• Neumann U87i pair
• Neumann km 84 pair
• Neumann km 184 pair
• Royer 122
• Schoeps Colette Omni matched pair
• Shure SM7
• Shure VP88
• Shure sm57 x4
• Soundeluxe (Bock) 251
• Soundeluxe (Bock) 195
• Wunder cm47

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