Jet’s mom sings him a sweet song in this clip from PBS Kids’ Ready Jet Go! 

Boy on the Bike

People have told me this was the creepiest moment in John Carpenter’s In The Mouth Of Madness

The Monkey Dream

A favorite Hey Arnold! scene that richly quotes Elephant Man


Fred Stoller gets some bad news about his houseguest in this scene from Fred and Vinnie

You Ain’t No Wolf

Tom Kenny (of Spongebob fame) kills it in this production number from 3 Pigs and a Baby.


Mission Accomplished

Devious wolf commandos leave the 3 pigs a present on their doorstep. From Three Pigs and a Baby


Things go downhill fast in this clip from Tortoise and Hare. Jay Leno and Danny Glover voice the characters.

Snow Day Chess

Lauren German and Jake Muxworthy in a romantic interlude from Born Killers


Tom Sizemore, Olga Sequra and wonderful Mexican comedian Hector Jimenez in a sweet clip from Cellmates.

Cellmates — Leroy the Activist

Former Klan leader Leroy Lowe turns over a new leaf in this clip from Cellmates.